Identifying The Right Time To Perform A Home Pregnancy Test

A home pregnancy test or Elisa kit essentially determines whether or not a woman is pregnant by detecting the HCG hormone in a urine sample.

Most home tests are able to arrive at a result after 5 minutes. Rat il 6 elisa kit helps in testing cell culture plasma, supernatants, and serum samples. To know about rat il 6 elisa kit online you can search the websites of service providers.

To make sure that you do not receive a false positive pregnancy test result or any other inaccurate answer, make sure you go through all the guidelines provided in print on the packaging of your home testing kit.

When to Test Oneself for Pregnancy?

If you have been charting your fertility with the help of ovulation tests or basal thermometers, understanding when to pursue the pregnancy test is easy. If you are pregnant, your system should ideally contain 25mlU of HCG approximately 10 days after ovulation. On the 12th day, this amount should double and the HCG value after two weeks should be 100 ml.

Most good quality home kits are fine enough to detect HCG stages as little as20 may. This means that you should be able to perform a home pregnancy test as early as 7 to 10 days after your ovulation.

However, it is important to note that if you receive a negative result, conduct a follow-up test after a few days before you jump to conclusions. A negative result on the 7th day cannot be treated as an absolute result.

If you wish to acquire an effective and accurate result early into your pregnancy, it is recommended that you perform the test with your first urine sample of the morning. This is because the morning sample will contain the most concentrated amount of the HCG hormone.