Invisible Braces The Better Way To Straighten Teeth

How they work

Invisible braces use a modern method to straighten your teeth. The aligners created are custom made to fit your bite.

They are made from plastic, which is smooth, and make them comfortable to wear and clear so that they can hardly be seen. If you want to know more about the Invisalign orthodontist in Manassas visit

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They realign your teeth gradually and gently as opposed to traditional methods, which require wires to be tightened. Instead, every two weeks your orthodontist supplies you with a new set of aligners to wear. This treatment continues until your teeth are straightened.


There are several benefits to choosing invisible braces:

Healthier teeth and gums

A reason for swollen gums can sometimes be teeth that are too crowded or too widely spread apart. When you have teeth, which are aligned they allow your gums to sit around them comfortably.

This helps to prevent periodontal issues from arising. Invisalign gradually and gently allows your teeth to align which can positively help your oral health.

Easier to clean

A major problem with braces is that food gets stuck in the wires. This can be very detrimental to your oral health in the form of tooth decay. Invisalign aligners can easily be removed so that you are free to brush and floss your teeth like normal.

Improve general oral health

Incorrectly aligned teeth can lead to several health conditions including chewing difficulties, an improper bite, tooth enamel wear, and jaw problems. Invisalign helps to alleviate these issues effectively.

Eat what you want

Unlike normal braces, Invisalign allows you to eat whatever food you would usually consume.

Made of more comfortable materials

Invisalign aligners are made from smooth plastic and not sharp metal pieces, which can not only be uncomfortable but also damage the soft tissue in your cheeks and gums.