Key things to remember about business cards

All professionals must have a small business card. A business card allows you to be taken seriously and give you a level of networking that you normally would not have without them. You will discover the following key things to remember.

The location of your logo design is the main part of your business card. The cards are designed to be read from left to right, so your logo should be in the upper left corner.

Your contact information should appear in the lower right corner. Every time a card is read the way your eyes are trained, your contact information should be the last thing people read. If you are looking for a gold business cards visit

Use a border. Placing a 3mm border around the entire business card helps the reader's eyes pay attention to the information.

Font size is very important. The writing should not have a font size smaller than 8 points. You should not use more than two font sizes on your business cards.

An unflattering card does not benefit your business. Take the time to design your card so that it is truly a representation of what you have to give yourself.

Make sure your card is not confusing. You must verify that it does not show mixed communications.

Did you ignore the contact details of your card? Some people do. Your phone number, email address, website, and business address are all contact options you can use.

Make sure your business card represents what you and your business do. The color, design, and logo should follow some form of meaningful style.