Mindful Meditation – Meditate Like a Master in Few Simple Steps

Given Meditation Step 1 Days 1-5

The first five days of your trip to think like a Master will be spent in tranquility, become aware of thoughts going through your mind. There is not objective this week but only find a comfortable place in your home to sit with your legs crossed or lie down and breathe calmly and deeply.  You can explore more information about mindful meditation through https://awakenedmind.com/meditation-and-mindfulness.

Given Meditation - Meditation As Master in a Few Simple Steps

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Given Meditation Step 2- 6-10 days

Build step 1, step 2 furthers your way to learning to meditate; This Week's targets will ignore random thoughts. When you do this, you will see that the mind quickly disappeared from your consciousness as soon as you recognize them. Sitting comfortably during this phase, you will begin to feel the benefits of meditation such as greater relaxation and focus the mind.

Given Meditation Step 3 days 11-20

For the third step, you will prepare your brain and body to enter into what is known as the hypnotic state, which is a high state of awareness and focused concentration. This is a common situation to the one used in all self-hypnosis. To achieve this hypnotic state, find or create a quiet and comfortable place, lying on his back and kept one arm at a 90 ° angle with the rest of your body.

Given Meditation Step 4 days 21-25

During the last step of learning mindfulness meditation, you will realize all your meditation practice, if you choose. You will continue to refine the skills left in a hypnotic state and clear your mind of thoughts that may come into it.