Cut Energy Costs With Crawl Space Insulation

Installing crawl space insulation is the easiest way to cut your heating and cooling costs in your home. Many people ignore the importance of installing insulation under their home, and this is a big mistake. Installing insulation in your crawl location is as important as installing insulation in attics or walls.

This insulation helps in some ways. First of all, by properly insulating, you are protecting your pipes and your home infrastructure from freezing in the cold months. For more information about crawl space insulation visit

Crawl Space Insulation

Second, insulation will help make your heating and air conditioning easier to maintain a steady temperature in your home. The more stable the temperature, the lower your electricity bills.

Finally, insulation will help eliminate moisture under your home and prevent your home from developing mold or other moisture-related problems that can be very expensive in the long run.

Fiberglass rolls and fiberglass baits are the most frequently used, but it is certainly acceptable to use a foam board. Fiberglass batting is extremely easy to install and will probably be your cheapest option.

The biggest question when it comes to crawl space insulation is whether or not your crawl space is ventilated. In the past many homes were built with ventilated crawl space as it was believed to help keep the moisture out better.

Over the years, however, people have discovered that ventilated crawl spaces are not very energy efficient and actually trap moisture in during the cold summer months and retain humidity in the summer. In either case, you need to know what you are working with so you can choose the proper insulation.