How To Install Gmac Linux Using Win32DiskImager

Gmac is a beautiful Linux distribution with an intuitive UI that is very similar to macOS. Surprise!Surprise! Yes, Gmac is simply a short combination GNOME + Mac. Why do you ask? Well, it is a Gnome desktop with a twist of Mac interface, after all, Gmac isn’t a fully-featured distro, quite different from other macOS inspired operating systems. It lives up to its name for providing a user-ready desktop environment that is heavily customized to accentuate the look and feel of a macOS, eradicating the need for new users alike to do tweaking themselves, especially for Ubuntu-based distribution.

The striking feature of the Gmac Linux is this quirky mix of Apple and Gnome logos, which simply takes the cake and cherry on top. For users who are greatly fond of using macOS, Gmac does the job of making you feel at home with its smooth layout. Does it feel quite appealing to you? You can check this site on the installation process, you don’t have to manually do it on your own, Gmac intuitively made a comprehensive guide for you to follow. Using the win32diskimager allows you to quickly install Gmac without having to worry about DVD burning. You can get it for free on the Win32 Disk Imager website. Enjoy!


You have probably done light research on Gmac Linux distribution mentioned above, needless to say, all of the Linux distributions are amazing operating systems with unique traits and capabilities. Each one has its own objectives and goals and methods to meet them in order to attain perfection if possible, and that is to satisfy you and experienced users alike for everyone computing lifestyle. So which of them deserves to be on the top pedestal of best Linux Operating system, well adventurer, the best distribution has always been what is compatible with you, and your needs at the very present moment. As you go on further in your journey as a lone traveler, the Linux Universe is yours to explore. Have fun!