What to Know About Commercial Window Replacement

There are many components to commercial windows. Consider each of these when discussing the job with a commercial window replacement contractor.


One form of glass is known as annealed glass. Annealed glass is often utilized in structure, but it's also the weakest and divides into big, stiletto fragments. There's also heat-strengthened glass that's partially tempered; nonetheless, it shatters into big daggers, which makes it somewhat dangerous. If you want window replacement in Tempe then you can search over the internet.

What to Know About Commercial Window Replacement

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This lessens the fracture and, based upon the viscosity, can enhance thermal abilities. Laminated glass also contains two layers of glass using an interlayer to decrease fragmenting. Even monolithic glass, or one sheet, may have a slender security picture employed to reduce uncontrolled shattering from these matters as a burst from a foreign item.


Water penetration resistance relies on layout pressure and fluctuates based on lightweight or heavyweight business usage with increased amounts for skylights. Architectural class (AW) demands higher immunity: water-resistance constitutes 20% of the design pressure. AW class commercial window replacements are typically reserved for large rises.

Blast Hazards

Rocksdebris, flying glass and shrapnel are hazards to glass. The AAMA also has special instructions for glazing. Impact/Hurricane Prerequisites are based on places like high-velocity zones. In this circumstance, glass has to meet the criteria to withstand impact from debris much like blasts.

Sound Mitigation

Glass also plays a part in lowering the sound that flows. The majority of states have special standards regarding noise mitigation, which necessitates examining the outside environment to ascertain what's needed. Dual or triple-paned windows satisfy standard regulations.